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GAB for Android

Version 2.2 Download APK

- Polished user interface
- Added navigation drawer for better app navigation
- You can now reply and quote gabs
- You can now hide replies from peoples profile pages
- Bugs fixed


MD5 Checksum: 07AAED877395E61AB13080FB94541FCB
SHA-1 Checksum: 53D499F9BB4DF9252F9EA6BCE688823F047D8F3B
SHA-256 Checksum: 6016EF675633D08655D87E1883AD74D0F83D296D124FE71342AFEB5B251EB2AD
SHA-512 Checksum: 8A45A9A7C1F58B460B22D071DC1B98F970EB6538D7DF9F6C3367E2A2AF68128ACE80DCD1451CF3960672F6965C1CE6D51DC24816EEB86D3B0BD70C55B64FE332

Version 2.1 Download APK

- Added support for news
- Improved Gab chat
- Bug fixes
- Added theme engine


MD5 Checksum: 613B931EFEC3CA43CA416573205D916B
SHA-1 Checksum: 6B44B7A199558D6B1682208A4D0C38EF227B647C
SHA-256 Checksum: A35F190977BEF8DDED5120A140EAEFC02C1333C2D7AA8B7E1E971B9D9F6F36C3
SHA-512 Checksum: EA511B2AAA138EE510CC7DFE36C8F2789EFF394B6D9A095224DC4B6B10E94232A15C38A2A1C6D903B5A2B9DD7BE5DDA6805FAE5B8E219CC176937481D9BD42AE

Version 2.0.2 Download APK

What's New:
- Bugs squashed
- Crashes that are happening should now be fixed


MD5 Checksum: A22AA556A6FE69F728AF8571DFB6864F
SHA-1 Checksum: 9B9F61F3F5A85B4E3287DBB29C88D936AB233884
SHA-256 Checksum: 8B049830307E084DAF7954916D08A6222A0F4F8564879C47ADC133FAF76053C0
SHA-512 Checksum: 232DB5DA34ED7B871FD7467DBF171A4EE8E46BF3D9ABB5E0B79B11366A5FE3F77A52D8F21CE5F5700C43DA9877163D4B5DD990DD17BEC9789FF1B17A71849286

Version 2.0.1 Download APK

What's New:
- Enabled registration
- Enabled profile editing
- Fixed device crashing on older devices


MD5 Checksum: 7BB08F1F7CBBC59DB1CDB5DAE5A1B7FC
SHA-1 Checksum: 1F90D4D79B65880C1FB7CB3A854727A1763AC103
SHA-256 Checksum: 052BD626A9CCA5C896DF8F398179C47DCB842FB126895FF8DF0C4BB0638F3C05
SHA-512 Checksum: 13771D1AD1014A983B5BCA8749F65F2B8F10BBB5C6E3FD859BCA6602901C28837AE42B8BD845B2F04E4FB681868B9B64AE6906EDADD38743A39A895FD536CF75

Version 2.0 Download APK

- Completely redesigned user interface
- Completely rewritten API library , for improved backend speed and performance
- Many bugs squashed
- Some features disabled temporarily

Note: due to some technical difficulties, there are some things that have been disabled in the app temporarily. They are listed below:
- Profile editing
- Registration
- Post editing
- Posting to categories/live topics
- In-app updating
- App theme/other app settings

I plan on releasing an update in a day or so which enables these features again. Thank you for your patience.

Follow @amq on Gab for updates regarding Gab for Android.


MD5 Checksum: 91564D46E8D58BB58F9D85A620F1CC2B
SHA-1 Checksum: D0943E9AAC41241B3B4F3F72E38029A310B9ABE4
SHA-256 Checksum: BF8B8FEB5E2BCFDEBB50A825B791D300DF9D5CEB221126BECA7F40D183A94BD6
SHA-512 Checksum: 3687B70CDBAFF98E02C4BACCE9091703190FD37DD1880821B85A10FD7595D668B63792B73149251F59ADFD0F0BE736664691296A77E9330E562736E8A4AB2BCD

Version 1.3.5 Download APK

- Fixed post flagging on the profile screen
- Minor bug fixes

This update has also been submitted to Google in hopes they will accept it with our new flagging system.


MD5 Checksum: F1E11E1FB74365E317DE2E50D78BE732
SHA-1 Checksum: 758BFAFF8FB13E0A6DE3D4AD6F2D09293E46E72F
SHA-256 Checksum: A29D94F58D96DE113876366A480A38AEDE28C96EA6E3A00740610A9FCD1C5CE6
SHA-512 Checksum: EE85E4E55282DAC9F79F4C872C711660A0C535DC0FEE50F619D64DB3B4ACF0EAC564E7FC776784C4BFC52E44ECD7590480F58D71FA8E648B13074CD575771E71