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GAB for Android

Version 1.3.4 Download APK

What's New:

- Added support for the new flagging system implemented on web
- Added support for viewing/downloading/installing new app releases within the app itself
- Improved deep linking performance
- Fixed a bug where accounts with unverified emails, or a score of less than 250 could see the downvote button
- Fixed a bug where the repost button would highlight the upvote button
- Fixed a bug where the repost button was visible on posts created by the person signed in
- When viewing a quoted gab, tapping on the original content now allows you to view it instead of the material by the acting user


MD5 Checksum: F802B91770CC9FEA0B8D6FD87AFE08C0
SHA-1 Checksum: 2C7EE4BA04FE3E23C424E82B096AE7455DD0F940
SHA-256 Checksum: B6AF5C66C60C18745E4206424D383711D65DB5FEA6563B60A8077EABB21CE9AE
SHA-512 Checksum: E3DCA3F17427C9F6ECC607BDBC2A92FFD3E3CA7FD66DC7816957F43468E870C70C1DC73B428A1DE5F05FA8717799C9EC1FE4733525A8E9932365656334740B91

Version 1.3.3 Download APK

IMPORTANT NOTE: When opening the app after updating, you'll be prompted to log in again, as login caching has been reset.

What's new:
- Fixed deleting posts from profile screen
- Posts now show if they are a reply to another post
- Fixed bug where profile screen was directing to @null
- Added support for viewing the entire conversation of a post (threaded replies coming soon)
- Redesigned censorship screen, and fixed linkage in settings


MD5 Checksum: 566A05689EB65D3AA946B03529197C18
SHA-1 Checksum: 2B3EF74B19C3FF96EA856C9D39059A1FBAAC844C
SHA-256 Checksum: D404A612DA2AFF4F49F66B62A0830FE982601C1AD73C1D3494C8E68CB35C75AB
SHA-512 Checksum: DFEB92DC4DE4B7C093229A3AFBE60A1BF79C4A1E14CD6842BAA0EC27111B0FA125007DDA72A3DE7CE6229924C0EFE58A948770AB0865EE99051E916CE5061AA1

Version 1.3.2 Download APK

- Redesigned app icons
- Fixed a bug where popular users weren't showing in the search interface
- Added support for deep linking
- Added support for sharing gabs to other apps
- Added support for custom attachment types
- Added support for viewing multiple images
- Fixed image viewing issue
- Misc bug fixes


MD5 Checksum: 4191D48A207D1BE18042BFB4F1C4D873
SHA-1 Checksum: EECE130D9E699C1CD5F6F7A6AFD423586EDCB066
SHA-256 Checksum: B085F856A092F6C6D54F8A92959F5A88C26C2376CD5FAB4912E69A66B67C05CF
SHA-512 Checksum: CB8687B693412A63C7E87897F9564D578657FFF31F49AC2180552DC910E31EFD1C1F506C32B13D77A7EC0BE1BB44E88366A8750DE999B64D430CE4D723095554