Gab Mobile

Version 2.5 Download APK

What's New:
- Redesigned Notifications
- Redesigned posts feed
- Added color to articles and links
- Redesigned theme engine
- Fixed performance issues and crashes on samsung devices (hopefully)


MD5 Checksum: DF19173B4018DD21B674EC9A993C92C9
SHA-1 Checksum: 64C5EE9CEB2282467EB2F200DA6D30AD8B117B92
SHA-256 Checksum: 88D69A0DD7B1585C547B742C5704808A707235AE38F192FFA83639F9811EC30C
SHA-512 Checksum: 860A9CA693922975DD33485DF3CFF2B2D0B3893DC7CCFB7F761C2CC18C38E94BE72C48452EF8A84E801DF0A9A6315C48668EE9A0C686D95E6582A8F4C4F981A5

Version 2.4 Download APK

What's New:
- Moved notifications and chat to main screen
- Live topics and categories are now in left panel
- Improved Gab chat, and added support for receiving messages without having to press anything
- Misc bug fixes and improvements


MD5 Checksum: 130AA4D62D528747DCCA6AE6B1A5C5D5
SHA-1 Checksum: DC348368B8081386A62A9E21614E6E0EF8CF2FCF
SHA-256 Checksum: FE5CCD9B61FB8D3F83A259226C1C788608F2485B20F348D32B00156A23ADB19B
SHA-512 Checksum: 3B019F80C4D02909FB312A2780F4A86DC44AEEF615CFE6210F9EF1E70BB0582E80E4B348E624EACA3C830A493C5EA583B761D83D76A97950773A8C214FA33D62

Version 2.3.1 Download APK

What's New:
- You can now post to topics and categories
- Posts show what topic they are in, if any
- You can now edit posts
- Profile statistics are now visible
- Misc bug fixes and improvements


MD5 Checksum: 81A16548A49245A638C5BF587C7B5B47
SHA-1 Checksum: 0AAA0C159B9D90BF156A39774654C53FC05A70B2
SHA-256 Checksum: BCD10A8F885C83147F6D397975253A7F81B1EBFA01FBA55170D8B715A2B5B00E
SHA-512 Checksum: 0D30025FE50132BE705B75A808DDB94D8E4813897DE96C7663AEA6C6966759A3735F2EAFB03BA157777CDCF490C6E6FB230EDD1A0B051877FF91656A0A92F09D

Version 2.3 Download APK

What's new in this release:
- Added support for viewing long form posts, with custom formatting (YOU CANNOT CREATE FORMATTED POSTS ON MOBILE YET!!)
- Verified badges now show up properly
- Made images zoomable and downloadable (highly requested)
- Misc improvements and changes under the hood


MD5 Checksum: D9EEEEBD624E86FD6842105A01EEE28D
SHA-1 Checksum: BB59BF1A345EE0CAA8D59E373F055E37839AF5C0
SHA-256 Checksum: 6FBE863FC30A7DFC49929C983B43BC85F4806979462B7F66D3BCB699F35B781A
SHA-512 Checksum: 4A14029C2E99B867C1525CB07213D785AAF9A765BEFC86FD4DD00F90C956D9D7F44CA509CA03E99D52B4A3EF0BD5F708F379F45191470A5B755230450FA14079